Pressure type (Central System with Small Volume)

Unvented type offer multi-outlets, suitable for shower, wash basin & kitchen sink

Vertical wall mounting


Horizontal wall mounting

Model No.: UHP-15, UHP-20, UHP-25, UHP-30
Style: Circular & rectangular shape for vertical wall mounting, circular type for horizontal wall mounting or standing inside cupboard.
Capacity: 55, 75, 95, 115(Lit)
Voltage: 220V / 380V / 415V

Pressure type (Central System with Large Volume)

Central system type for home, sauna & fitness centre, salon, restaurant, commercial or industrial use.
Model No.: UHP-35, UHP-40, UHP-50, UHP-60, UHP-80, UHP-100, UHP-150, UHP-200, UHP-260
Style: Vertical and horizontal wall mounting; vertical or horizontal standing.
Capacity:: 135, 150, 190, 230, 300, 380, 570, 750, 1000(Lit)
Voltage: 220V / 380V / 415V
The capacity of horizontal type is lower than vertical type. If horizontal type is required. Please select the next large size.

Occupation Safety:
To ensure the safety for installation and maintenance, the water heater cannot be installed over 8 feet. Enough room is required for services and it is accessable.