Made in Hong Kong

berlin water heaters were manufactured and sold in Hong Kong since 1967. We are the pioneer in fabricating inner tanks with stainless steel in Hong Kong.
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In 1971, berlin water heaters were tested and certified to be in compliance with British Standard BS3456 by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Application No. E532.

In 1972, Government Supplies Department submitted Berlin Water Heater to Electrical and Mechanical Service Department for testing and found to be in compliance with British Standards. File No.

In 1973, the government Supplies Department started recruiting berlin products for Shek Kong Military Camp. It was deemed to be a break through at that time.

In 1997 the founder of the company invented a patented “Metal Tube for Temperature Controller”. This invention can help to locate the temperature control sensor bulb in an optimum position anywhere along the length of the inner tank so as to minimize the adverse effect of the inherent phenomenon of temperature difference between top and bottom temperature strata. Patent certification: HK1001357

In 1999 our company was awarded the Hong Kong Safety Mark. We are the first water heater manufacturer ever acquires such award which signifies that our products have reached an international standard.

In 2003 we have invented a patented Anti-Backflow Liquid Supply Pipe. This new design ensures that no water will be siphoned back to supply line in case of water interruption. The device complies with BS6282. With this new design, no anti-vacuum valve is needed where both time and money can be saved in servicing such valve. Patent certification: GB2400637

Made in Hong Kong since 1967, the success of berlin is its quality
berlin people with decades of professional experience will provide free on-site inspection and design service for homes, commercial and industrial concerns, spa, fitness centers and hair salons in selecting the appropriate products and installation service.


Chinese business & management wisdom & the modern ISO 9001 Quality Management

In 1996 the founder of the company planned to apply for ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. In 2003, berlin adopted Chinese business & management wisdom & the modern ISO 9001 Quality Management to enhance the service level.

Knowing the origin & the truth behind advertisement

Storage electric water heaters are popular with its quality & branding history. Consumer should not simply rely on the information provided in the advertisement, such as claiming itself as national advanced technology. To avoid being misled, consumer should find out the origin of the water heater and compare its functions with other brands.


Hong Kong Safety Mark License (1999)


United Kingdom Patent Office


Tasted to conform to British Standard BS3456 (1972)