ZIP HydroTap Under Sink Unit

Zip Instant Boiling/Chilled/Sparkling Filtered Water
Look for the NSF symbol on any water filter label. It Is the only way you know for sure that your filter is tested and certified by the globally recognized NSF International Organisation against NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53.
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  • Dispenses filtered boiling water instantly at 3L per minute
  • Dispenses chilled water instantly at 4L per minute (boiling and chilled models only)
  • Operated by lever action – push lever to fill cups, raise lever to lock “on” to fill pots
  • Option of oversized levers for use by people with physical disabilities
  • Can be installed at a sink or as a stand -alone appliance on a bench top with integral drainage facility
  • Can be programmed to disable dispensing of boiling water when required
  • Inbuilt child-proof safety lock as standard with visual indication of locking status
  • Fully encapsulated filters make filter changing quick, easy and hygienic
  • 0.2 micro filters as standard, 5 micron filter optional. Both filters comply with AS/NZS 3497:1998
  • Visual indication of ready-to-use and filter replacement status
  • Inbuilt filter-flush system
  • All heating and cooling components housed out of sight in a single case with easy access to water filter Calibration of boiling point independent of altitude
  • Energy conserving features include a choice of two sleep modes and the facility to programme the appliance to cycle on and off at predetermined times on a daily basis
  • Boil-dry and chiller over-run protection
  • Venting from the tap head into the sink or font Stainless steel water tanks
  • Fan-cooled condenser type chilling system (boiling and chilled models)
  • Integral pressure lock isolation system protects system against pressure surges
  • Integral sealed safe tray and inbuilt leak detector to detect water leakage and be capable of isolating the water supply automatically should an internal leak occur
  • Facility for a service technician to remotely upgrade software on site